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What type of product are you looking for?

Air conditioners

Quickly find the perfect air conditioning equipment for your needs and say goodbye to the dog days of summer.


Stay comfortable all winter long with heating equipment that’s perfect for your needs.


Enjoy a combined heating and air conditioning system all year round.

Air exchangers

Clean and recirculate the ambient air with one of our air exchangers.

What kind of heating system do you currently have?

Baseboard heating and radiators

Your heating is electric, consisting of baseboard heaters, radiators or convector heaters controlled by a central thermostat or by thermostats installed in each room.

Hot water

Your heating consists of a system that recirculates water heated by a boiler that runs on gas, oil or electricity.

Central furnace

Your heating is a central system that runs on gas, oil or electricity, reheating the air and channeling it through ventilation ducts inside the walls of your home.

Our heating, air conditioning and ventilation products

Rediscover peace and comfort at home, thanks to our quiet and efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, professionally installed by experts. Choose the category that corresponds to your needs and browse all of our related products.

A wall-mounted or central air conditioning system will alleviate the intense heat of summer by continuously circulating cool, fresh air throughout your home. Our energy-efficient equipment is quiet and easy to use and only requires minimal maintenance.


A wall-mounted or central heat pump can operate all year long, providing air conditioning in the summer and auxiliary heating during the winter. Increasingly sophisticated and affordable, heat pumps are cost effective, quiet and easy to maintain.


Our top-of-the-line heating systems and furnaces circulate gentle, uniform heat during the cold season. Our new energy-efficient equipment could help you save a bundle on your future electricity bills!


An air exchanger functions like the lungs of your home. It filters and circulates the air, while preventing the growth of mold and mildew, so you can enjoy an atmosphere that’s free of dust and allergens. Learn more about our different models that are suitable for your home.



Get a government rebate of up to $5,000!

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Get financial aid to help you convert from fuel oil to electricity!

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Professional installation and personalized service!

Even the best equipment won’t run correctly unless it’s properly installed by an expert. That’s why GestionAir takes pride in offering you installation services like no other so you can enjoy your new products to the fullest.


We can service and repair all brands.


GestionAir services your heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment so you can take advantage of its full capacity.

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With our 24/7 emergency service, you can get your heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment repaired at any time.

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