Services - GestionAir

GestionAir offers incomparable sales service in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Our experienced consultants will guide you and answer all of your questions to help you choose the perfect system to meet your needs and expectations. One of the advantages of doing business with GestionAir is that we offer support service like no other company in the industry. Our expertise and know-how have made it possible for us to reward our clients through various programs.

GestionAir Support is a program that provides ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your system functions correctly at all times so you can enjoy not only comfort but peace of mind, as well. Through proper maintenance, our experts will see to it that your systems are running at optimum efficiency.

You can trust GestionAir for the purchase and installation of your next ventilation, heating or air conditioning system.


In addition to incomparable sales service, GestionAir offers you the expertise of a team of installers who are specialists in the field, in order to satisfy all your heating and air conditioning needs.

There’s no doubt about it that installation is the most important aspect, as even the best equipment can turn out to be the worst if it isn’t properly installed.

That’s why we’re committed to offering you an installation that will live up to your expectations and to performing a post-sales quality check. All of our technicians are trained and meet the requirements of the Quebec Building Authority.

General contractor’s license: RBQ 5718-2693-01


At GestionAir, we offer our clients efficient repair and maintenance services to quickly resolve any problems they may be having with their systems.


Our team of qualified technicians will be able to diagnose, repair and resolve the problem.


In addition to offering you a repair service, GestionAir offers you a personalized maintenance service for your air conditioning and heating appliances with the objective of increasing their performance.