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The benefits of installing an air exchanger

For several years now, all new dwellings include an air exchanger to compensate for the improved airtightness of the buildings and thus ensure that the air circulates properly. However, it’s often advantageous to install this type of apparatus in an older home, as well, as long as the home is well insulated. Installing an air […]

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What to do if your heat pump freezes or ices over during the winter

Your heat pump is an essential source of heat that ensures optimal comfort in your home during the winter. Although it’s economical and ecological, it isn’t immune from breaking down or from the whims of Mother Nature. Whether your heat pump is covered in frost or ice or just doesn’t seem to be working correctly, […]

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Maintenance on your central or wall-mounted air conditioner or heat pump

Are you about to move into a home with a wall-mounted or central heat pump or air conditioner? If so, it’s essential that you know the specific maintenance that will be necessary so you can enjoy the benefits of these systems with no worries as you settle into your new home. You must have your […]

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Préparez votre maison pour l'hiver

How to winterize your home

When temperatures start to drop and the days become shorter, we know that it’s time to get out our coats and gloves. But is your home ready to face all the bad weather the winter months have in store for us? This is an ideal time to check your heating system and your ventilation system […]

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Thermopompe coule

Why is my heat pump leaking?

A heat pump fulfills three primary functions: heating, air conditioning and dehumidification. To ensure a constant level of indoor humidity (around 50 percent in the summer and 30 percent in the winter), the heat pump evaporator, which operates at very cold temperatures, condenses the water in the air that passes through it. This water is […]

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Thermopompe murale & thermopompe centrale : quelles sont les différences?

La thermopompe est un appareil qui fait office de climatiseur l’été et de chauffage d’appoint l’hiver. Cet appareil à double utilité permet de réduire ses coûts annuels d’électricité et d’augmenter sa rentabilité grâce à son fonctionnement écoénergétique, ainsi qu’à sa possibilité de fonctionner toute l’année. De plus en plus abordable, la thermopompe est un choix […]

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Chauffage air pulsé

The advantages of a central forced-air heating system

A central forced-air heating system consists of a central unit powered by electricity, fuel oil or gas. It heats the air and delivers it to each room of the home via metallic ducts hidden inside the walls. Given the low cost of electricity in Quebec, it is generally the preferred energy source for this type […]

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Tips and tricks to get the most out of your air exchanger

Your air exchanger is like the lungs of your home. It ensures optimal air quality by filtering out allergens, lowering humidity levels and ensuring that every room has a stable temperature and a constant supply of fresh air. It serves as a vital link between the outside world and the inside of your home. What’s […]

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